Kimbodo 360 Elite Marketing Program

$6,000.00 / month

Kimbodo 360 Marketing Program

Social Media Marketing Support Setting Up & Monitoring
Facebook, Google Ads, Youtube Marketing SEO, Google SEO, Local SEO Directories
– these are the various offerings you get our expertise and support on managing. a

Have a Google Ads setup but want experts from Kimbodo to create campaigns that convert and then manage and monitor for performance?
Well look no further than our offering for managing business campaigns that spend 1,000 to 10,000 USD per month with Google Ads.

Our expert marketing representatives who manage your campaigns are Google Certified Experts who care about the performance and market gain your campaigns can produce.

* This is a month to month subscription and you can cancel at anytime with some stipulations that may apply.
* This is a subscription service where 30 days notice prior to end of month billing is required or your will be charged a balance of the month remainder for the monthly service.

And also includes:
Google Cloud Dedicated Virtual WordPress Server Hosting by Kimbodo

You can always expect the highest performance with Dedicated Google Cloud WordPress Hosting.

Hosting your dedicated virtual server with Kimbodo gets you:

  1. Dedicated Technology Team Administrators versed in server and networking security protocols and best practices
  2. Backups regularly deployed to off cloud storage for archival and disastery recovery
  3. Expert analysis and updates of WordPress Plugins and tuning security patches and access to your server

And blazing fast specifications like: 

  • SSD Persistent Disk
    Storage space is much less expensive for a standard persistent disk. An SSD persistent disk is better for random IOPS or streaming throughput with low latency.
  • 20 GB – Boot Disk in size of GB 
    Persistent disk performance is tied to the size of the persistent disk volume. You are charged for the actual amount of provisioned disk space.


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